Easy Transport

Easy Transport is a website that helps users get around the city of Iasi using public transport.

A user inputs the departure and destination locations(as a location on the map or the name of the station) and a complex algorithm calculates a number of optimum routes that the user should take in order to reach the destination.


  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Three methods of inputting departure and arrival locations(GPS, Station name or selecting the location on the map)
  • The algorithm tries to calculate the best route by taking into account many things: route frequency, number of alternative routes, number of exchanges, number of stations, walking distance, station popularity.
  • Options for configuring the routes: direct or fast.

Technologies used: HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, PHP 5.5, Java, Ajax, jQuery, Google Maps Javascript API V3.

The project can be visited at the following address: Easy Transport

Unfortunately the project's route database is no loger up to date, meaning some of the calculated routes might not be correct

Date Created
June, 2013

EasyTranport was developed in 2013 as a project for Web Technology course by a team of Computer Science students.

The authors are:

  • Asaftei Robert
  • Laic Andreea Alice
  • Ropotica Stefania