About Me


 I'm a Romanian programmer and game developer living in Poznan, Poland. I graduated Computer Science in 2013.
 To describe myself briefly: I think of myself as a calm, analytic, rational, smart, honest, pragmatic and understanding person. I'm passionate about many things, including Science and Technology, Computers, Electronics, Gadgets, Hacking, Video Games, Memes, Movies and Music.
 The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tells me my personality is ISFJ-A, but not far from ISTJ-A.


  • "Mihail Kogalniceanu" High-School, Vaslui, Romania, Math - Computer Science specialization.
  • Faculty of Computer Science, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, Romania.


While in school and high-school I participated at over 20 informatics and electronics competitions.
Some of the most significant achievements are:
  • Qualified for the National Olympiad of Informatics for 8 years
  • Ranked 3rd at the National Olympiad of Informatics, Focsani, 2003 (5th grade)
  • Ranked 4th at the National Olympiad of Informatics, Cluj-Napoca, 2007 (9th grade)
  • Ranked 1st at the Electronics Contest, Constanta, 2009 (11th grade)


me at work
 I work as a C++ game developer for an awesome factory building game called Factorio. For more information about the game, visit www.factorio.com.
 Previously I worked as a Unity mobile game developer at Neurosoftware/Charge Studios, a small company from Romania.


me preparing to make some PCBs
  • Electronics. I like to build all kinds of electronic gadgets.
    Arduino, AVR microcontrollers and 3D printers are the things I like to work with.

  • RC Helicopters and RC racing drones.

  • Gaming. As a video game developer I play a large amount of video games across all platforms. If you see "Twinsen" in a game, that might be me.