Battleplanes is an online multiplayer game based in the classic pencil and paper game of Battleship. This is a guessing game in which players each place 3 air-planes on a 10x10 square board and then take turns to guess each other's plane's positions.

The game is created to be played online, in a mobile or desktop browser.


  • A player profile, which contains the player avatar, rating, number of coins, friends from the game.
  • A lobby in which the player can discuss or invite another player to a duel.
  • A matchmaking system, which the player can join to be automatically matched with another player of similar skill which is also using the matchmaking system.
  • Currency: players gain coins upon playing games. The coins are used for the in-game skills
  • A set of in-game skills which the player can buy(using the coins he obtains by playing the game): Scanner, Torpedo, Homing Missile, Rocket Cluster, 5shot
  • Leveling system: Each player has a level. The player increases in level by playing games
  • Customization: players can select what model their airplane has, and un-lock other plane models.
  • Ability to connect using Facebook and Google.

The web client uses HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. Communication during the game is done using WebSockets. On the server side, Node.js is used.

Unfortunately I dont want to maintain a Node.js server so the game is offline for the foreseeable future.

Date Created
February, 2013

Battleplanes was developed in 2013 as a project for the "Client-Side Web Application Development" course by a team of Computer Science students.

The authors are:

  • Asaftei Robert
  • Secrieru Radu