Welcome to TIMR!

Timr is designed to allow students to customize their daily faculty timetable.

The application is built for the online environment so you'll be able to acces your data no matter where you are. It runs in your web browser, but don't worry, the acces on your data won't be constrained by that. Timr also offers you an Android application for your smartphone and a Windows widget. You'll also be able to export your information to Atom, iCal or HTML5 formats.

Timr is to offers students infomation about their own school's programme. With Timr you will now be able to customize your timetable. You can choose what courses to follow, whether they belong to your year of study or not. Also the application will allow you to add new subjects even if they don't belong in the default timetable of your faculty.

Enjoy your Timr experience!